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Julia Flöricke

Therapiepraxis für Naturheilkunde, Stimmtherapie und Sprachtherapie


Modern medicine often has shown little success with the chronic diseases that are common today. So many patients ask for naturopathy after years of treatment with drugs or surgery, too often with little real benefit.

As an alternative practitioner I take a very different approach. The body has a lifelong power to heal and regenerate. Trying to rekindle that power with natural methods we focus on the original causes of the disorder. Each patient has his unique story and needs his individual treatment.

In our view, the natural state of the body is health. Its regulatory systems maintain that wellness despite the occasional threat. But those systems are impaired by outside factors, such as toxins, stress and poor nutrition. When this happens, conditions develop, followed by symptoms, and lastly, disease.
Conventional medicine is focused on the treatment of symptoms, not the underlying causes of disease. So to us it is not surprising that conventional treatment so often fails to heal the patient. Unless the root causes of the illness are resolved, the body will continue to fall into the same unhappy state.